OYO HOTEL REBORN Terms of Service

OYO HOTEL REBORN Terms of Service

OYO HOTEL REBORN has the following terms and conditions based on Article 10 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions for your safe and comfortable use. If you do not follow these rules, we will refuse to stay and use hotel facilities, and you may be liable for any damages suffered by the hotel.

[About guest room use]

1 Do not use fires, candles, etc. for cooking for heating in the guest room and hallway without the permission of the hotel.
2 During your stay, please do not talk loudly with the door open, noise or other dislikes or inconvenience to other guests in the guest room and hallway.
3 Do not dye hair in guest rooms and bathrooms.
4 Do not hang laundry etc. on lighting fixtures, air conditioners, etc.
5 Do not use the guest room for any purpose other than accommodation, such as business activities (exhibitions and other events), without the permission of the hotel.
6 Do not significantly change the status quo, such as by moving equipment in the room without the permission of the hotel or by making or modifying the room.
In the unlikely event that equipment is lost or damaged, actual costs may be compensated. Do not take small items and equipment out of the room. Also, do not put anything near the window that would damage the appearance of the hotel.
7 Please visit the guest during your stay in the lobby.
8 Long-term accommodation contracts do not give rise to the rent law, the right to rent, and other legal rights related to residence.
9 Stays other than the registered guest are strictly prohibited. If you stay, you may be charged an extra fee.
10 Children under the age of minors will be refused without parental permission.

[About the room key card]

1 When you leave your room during your stay, be sure to bring your card key and check the lock.
Should you lose your card key, you will be charged a reissue fee of $ 3000 per card.
2 Always return your card key to the front desk upon check-out.

[About payment, etc.]

1 Make sure to pay at the front desk when checking in. In addition, we may ask you to settle the fee even during your stay. Please pay each time. Please note that if the hotel does not make a payment when requested, the room may be surrendered.
2 Shopping, taxi, ticket, and luggage shipping costs are not allowed.

[About guest room cleaning]

1 Items to be brought in are disposed of in the provided trash can. Items that are not in the trash and that have been offered for disposal to the front desk by the customer. Items that cannot be stored, such as food and beverages, hygiene items, and clothing that have been opened even if there is no request.
2 Even if the customer requests that cleaning is not required, the guest room will be cleaned at least once every five days, in light of laws and ordinances and prefectural regulations. Shall. However, if the hotel deems it necessary, the guest rooms may be cleaned at any time.
3 The guest shall not refuse the room cleaning described in the preceding paragraph.